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Your Own?

Or are they just the next step down a path that’s not meant for you?


You’re working for more financial abundance and freedom.
You see the path getting longer and steeper, and you tell yourself and others that you need to sacrifice a little more, for just a little longer.


You've been conditioned to think, feel, and behave a certain way. It’s hard to make progress on your own through seminars, courses, books, and podcasts because none of us can see our own blind spots.


I made good progress on my personal development that way—but I wasn’t where I wanted to be after years of work. It was slow, but it was as fast as I could do it on my own. What happened in a few months of receiving coaching myself was astounding. Fifteen years of work versus a few months of High Performance Coaching.


I’m your Coach Faisal Ensuan | CHPC

I have coached over 2000 individuals in both one-on-one and group settings including students, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, and athletes.

I have been certified as a high performance coach since 2015, and I’m also the co-founder of Coaching Mastery Community, run the Space Creators Community and co-host the Coach's Journey podcast.

High Performance Coaching

6 Key areas of Human Performance from the research in the High Performance Institute













As I walk clients through this, by the time they hit the end of charge, they're a different human being.


“When I travel now I see a different world, I see the people differently, I feel like a new human being”


- Alvin Sun

Coaching is not:

Coaching is not therapy. What makes coaching so different is that it focuses on what’s happening now and how to break the barrier between where you are now and your potential.


We can create a better quality of life and a new level of success, regardless of what has happened to us in the past. Healing and our ability to exceed our previous performance happens as we move forward.


Coaching is not just about knowledge or competency in tools and systems.

Coaching is the difference between:

Knowing something and trying to motivate yourself to do it, feeling guilt and overwhelm, hitting the same block in different ways, and quitting and starting over and over.


Understanding the clear vision for your work and life. One that you created and are strategically stepping towards, no longer just reacting and wondering. You feel reset and can naturally change your actions and habits more effortlessly from now on. You have more sustainable energy and have created a new set point and neutral state of self that is higher than your previous peak state.


coaching with Faisal includes a mix of:




to get context




Ancient Practices




& Spirituality



5 Module course and Bonuses

“In order to have a complete and abundant life there is all different aspects of it. It’s all emcompassing. It’s amazing actually. I totally recommend going through this just for yourself. Everyone has their goals, their long term goals, short term goals but this just puts everything together.”


- Greg


Your Potential

Your potential is not reliant on exterior accolades for achievements. Your potential is not being blocked by what you think is blocking you.


Your potential is easily reached through your natural and sustainable high performance—and that is a skill that lives inside of you. You might not feel it now because you have not been taught how to connect to it.


We are getting rid of layers and creating better connection points for that core. Your core is your best self, a High Performer.


Your potential is not in the future. It's right now, as soon as you connect with it, and the natural consequence of that is creating the life that you want and becoming who you are meant to be.

Client Success & Experiences


He’s created such a safe space. That I am allowed to express who I am allowed to express my emotions and I don’t have to be embarrassed. I don’t have to be ashamed because we are all in this really safe space that he’s created.  That’s an amazing feeling because sometimes we don’t get that at home, work or with our friends and family.

To be a part of that community has been one of my most favorite parts of working with Faisal.

- Suzie Sevier


I had hit new levels of success and yet was regressing personally all the same time. I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious and loosing my passion. That’s when I found Faisal. For the first time I am more in my body and my head and heart and soul are more connected than before. I feel empowered and clear and so much peace and joy even in the more difficult times.  I am scared to think of what I would have missed out on had I not done this work with Faisal during taking my business to the next level and when working towards starting a family.


- Monica Fawn


The fear of taking risk, the fear of business just had me strapped down. When we hear people say everyone needs a coach, it’s true. In sports we all need coaches to get better. A life coach for me is going to be a lifetime commitment. You see differently, act differently. You see benign things, and are like “Oh my god, this is it, this is what’s happening.” I have been able to be less stressed and cope with the fear. It’s been great and I recommend Faisal to anyone who is thinking of a life coach. He is the best.

- Alex Pare

Just imagine no longer grinding and surviving toward a distant goal, waiting for some achievement.


Imagine that instead of letting your health, happiness and relationships suffer to reach your goals...


You are living your best life, in your best health and growing your relationships stronger than ever while pursuing and building your dreams.


Imagine being fulfilled, clear and connected. 


Imagine telling your loved ones that you do have the time and energy.

Imagine feeling energy, focus, fulfilled, at peace, and excited for each day. Working on and building something bigger than you ever thought possible for your business, work and life.

It is possible for you… but not with the dated strategy and partial systems we’ve been taught.

Join the Space Creators Community

Your Potential Lies in the Inner Space You Create

In the community, you not only go through a powerful proven process to increase your performance and tap into your potential, you also connect with others who are doing the same thing and get the support you need to accelerate the process of growth.


Join other successful investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and professionals who are also learning and growing in their potential and constantly evolving into the next level.


You are the sum of your circle and connections.

Amplify your growth and development as a High Performer naturally by leveling up your circle and contacts with other High Performers. Learning from and supporting others is scientifically proven to enhance your competence and understanding of the material. You will retain more and are able to teach and use your development and skills more quickly when you are engaged with the Space Creators Community.

Learn more about the monthly or annual membership options.


Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me to learn more about the investment to join and fill out an application to learn more about group coaching. You can also me any questions you have about the community or my coaching.

Are you beating yourself up for something you can’t see or have never been taught?

During coaching sessions, I infer through body language, voice tone and key signals in your word choices what’s blocking or triggering you. I am also there to hear your personal experience and answer any questions in real time.

I also take my clients through certain aspects of themselves that are too painful or unclear for most people to face on their own to finally unblock their potential.

What’s really holding you back is not what you think is holding you back. It’s not you.
Let’s talk about it in a free consultation call.



(not just what you need to achieve)


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