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About Faisal Ensaun

I have coached over 2000 individuals in both one-on-one and group settings including students,stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and athletes. I also make appearances in podcasts and small events to help guide people to go deeper and connect with their vision and potential.


I have been certified as a high performance coach since 2015.

I am also the co-founder of Coaching Mastery Community where I help teach other coaches to hone and further develop their coaching ability and their business practice.

I run the Space Creators Community where I hold weekly small group coaching sessions for High Performance and personal development to guide and teach you to create the space for your potential, vision and inner self to surface. 



Your Potential?


You’re working hard for more financial abundance and freedom. You see the path getting longer and steeper and you tell yourself and others that you need to sacrifice a little more, just a little longer, then you can “make it”.

Yet what if the summit you see now is a false summit?
What if there’s just another one beyond this one?


It wasn’t always like this...

I know it sucks when things that we want or the joyful relationships in our life become challenges and complexities that drain us.


Many of us find ourselves inadvertently doing everything we can to get away from the pain and frustration.

Even working more to do so.

That was me.

I learned the hard way how my achievement was taking me further from my own real dreams.

Like you—and many of my clients—I studied for a degree, climbed the corporate ladder in a profession and worked hard to overcome using substances and distractions to help me get through my overwhelm, lack of clarity, and waiting to heal from my past trauma before I could move forward.


After all my achievements, I was still waking up miserable. I couldn’t connect with my wife and family, I didn’t know how to start a business. I didn’t know who I was.

I spent over $40,000 and years of work to get me THERE... but I wasn’t anywhere close to the “HERE” I wanted.


I sat with my problems and wondered, “Maybe I’m the problem…”

I'm ambitious. I can work. I can do a lot of things, but I realized at some point I've been given the skillset to do a job, but I haven't been taught how to live.


I haven't been taught how to be happy. I haven't been taught how to connect with other people or move towards my dreams. I haven't been taught how to focus on the goals that matter to me, or to know what truly matters to me and isn’t blindly adopted from others. I haven't been taught any of that stuff.

What’s wrong? Why is it still not working?

Why is achieving your goals so hard?

The systems and tools we’re taught for goal setting and achievement are missing very critical elements that make them sustainable for your total wellbeing and relationships.
We cover all of this in the Space Creators Community
group coaching sessions.



5 Module video series course

“In order to have a complete and abundant life there is all different aspects of it. It’s all emcompassing. It’s amazing actually. I totally recommend going through this just for yourself. Everyone has their goals, their long term goals, short term goals but this just puts everything together.”


- Greg


A high achiever is commonly mistaken for — but is not the same — as a high performer.


high achiever

high performer

The cliche and reality of a high achiever is of the miserable millionaire in their empty mansion, or traveling alone with no more passion or dream to strive toward. Who had spent the last 10 years of life putting aside what mattered in order to reach their achievement, but their health  was shot, they lost all friends and became so disconnected from their family that there was no way to get it back.


Missing the children growing up, missing everything to reach the goal, which turned into another and another. Cutting corners and giving in on their values and morals to do so.


They don’t like who they became to achieve this, and no longer know themselves. They waited to live life until after the empty achievement was reached and realized that there was no life left to live for.

Is the complete opposite of that. Imagine that same person, who has achieved all the same things but as a high performer values all aspects of their life.


To accomplish these goals they designed a life that gave them time freedom in the process instead of working and making compromises having to wait to enjoy the freedom at the end.


Bringin the same abundance to their life in a way that allowed them to have the house, travel and have time with those they love. They're excited to wake up everyday with feelings of energy and wellbeing. Focused on the things that matter to them and growing their potential.


Life is ever expanding and they are able to enjoy all aspects of it.

In doing so they naturally became the best version of themself.

God / The Universe whispers in your heart. You're meant to be more, you're meant to do more. You're meant to be a powerful force for good,

but you don't believe it

...and here's why:

The world has been constantly yelling in your ears. Before you were old enough to disagree it's been telling you - you're not smart enough, wise enough, good-looking enough, strong enough or creative enough. All the while, the whispers from your heart grew more and more faint until you could hardly notice them. 


What’s not fully understood by teachers, parents, religious leaders and our society are the 6 key areas of Human Performance.

Are you blaming yourself for something you’ve never been taught?

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