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Your Reality

Level up in business and life.
Without compromising your joy, peace, health, & relationships now to get there.



High Performance is Human Transformation.

Go from what you were, to living your potential.



5 Module video series course + Bonuses


“In order to have a complete and abundant life there is all different aspects of it. It’s all emcompassing. It’s amazing actually. I totally recommend going through this just for yourself. Everyone has their goals, their long term goals, short term goals but this just puts everything together.”


- Greg


We work so hard and give up so much to meet our goals and achievements, yet still feel like it’s not enough when we get them.


What are you setting aside to reach your next goal?



"Just for now"



“Only this week or month”


Fun & Vaca

“Next time or soon, I promise”



"A little longer"

I did the same thing, and my clients do too.

Here’s the problem— it doesn’t end there.

If you're doing it now, it’s not going to stop when you reach your next goal. The fact that we think it will is a lie because your conflict is internal, not external.


Achievement without fulfillment is a plague in our modern society structure.

It’s not your fault that you struggle with these challenges.


We’ve been taught systems from a factory-formed industrial era and how to create and accomplish basic practical goals.

We’ve also only been taught to adopt ingenuine goals that promise success. Yet, when we get there, we wonder “Why did I do that?”,


Or we struggle to ever get there at all because we can’t even connect to these goals in the first place.


Are you living your own life?

Or have you bought into an idea of life that doesn’t feel aligned with you?


I kept coming to these stopping points and I didn’t know how to push through. But I didn’t need to push, I just needed to walk though. I needed Faisal to show me the path I could take. Having a guide to do that is really empowering.  You feel seen, heard, validated, supported, and challenged as well. That’s where other coaches miss the mark. Faisal facilitates the challenge of “Ok - now here’s where we’re going.”It was the best decision I have ever made both professionally and especially personally. I highly encourage you to work with Faisal.


- Julie Holly

Alvin Sun 2_edited.jpg

Faisal helped me take my life to a whole new level by helping me become a stronger version of myself. All of us have different upbringing, cultures, limiting beliefs and mindsets, Faisal customized his knowledge to help me implement new habits in my life that changed my life completely. He also helped me find the greatest gift within myself, which is the awareness of my true self. His intention is to create a better world by helping those who have the courage to take their life to the next level and to make a bigger difference in the world. My utmost gratitude to you Faisal .


- Alvin Sun


I felt like my mind was in one place and I wanted it to be in another. But I didn’t know how to get there because it was a blind spot. Now I do not feel lost in my purpose in my life's work. I feel more productive everyday. I feel more confident, I feel like I am creating an influence on people around me. It’s awesome how it all comes together. If you feel as though your thoughts and things that are going on are like a tornado I promise that everything just falls into place and it’s a beautiful feeling. It’s something that you will never ever regret doing.


- Suzie Sevier


Meet Faisal Ensaun | CPHC

I struggled with all of these things. From growing up in a war-torn country to being integrated into the modern culture in North America, I used substances and distractions as a young adult to avoid the pain. When I came out of that, I fell right into the achievement grind. However, whenI achieved all the goals I had set for myself, I was still miserable.


In my search to end my pain and frustration with myself and my situation, I discovered the High Performance Institute. The High Performance Institute is the world's leading training center on the subject of human high performance. With science-based studies from over 30,000 CEOs, professionals and athletes in over 195 countries, six clear practices were unearthed and studied.

This was so life-changing for me that six years ago, I switched career goals and became a certified coach from the High Performance Institute.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of clients become High Performers and accomplish their freedom, find fulfillment and follow their purpose in life.

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